The Benefits of IBPA

Small Press United and Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) work together to help small publishers succeed. SPU's role is to provide economical and efficient access and sales to accounts in the book trade and beyond. IBPA's role is to help publishers market their titles by providing education about the book trade as well as low-cost programs that enable publishers to get the word out about their books and at the same time keep expenses and risk low.

A distribution agreement with SPU comes with a new or extended one-year membership to IBPA, a $129 value.

SPU Online Services

For SPU publishers, features numerous articles and other valuable information about promoting and marketing titles. Instructions for getting important book trade reviews are included. A well-reviewed book in these publications can result in the sale of hundreds, if not thousands, of units.

About IBPA

As an organization, IBPA provides much more than basic instruction and advice. IBPA helps its members learn about the publishing industry as well as how to become better publishers and promoters of their books. Members can achieve economies on publicity mailings, trade shows, foreign rights sales, and many other programs, and receive group discounts on freight, mailings, printing, trade magazine subscriptions, and much more.


For publishers with small lists and/or limited experience in the book trade, the combined services and information offered by SPU and IBPA provides a solid foundation on which to build a successful publishing program. IPG has worked closely with IBPA for more than 15 years. During that period we ran a joint distribution program, Small Press Selection, that sold more than 2.6 million books.

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